2007 Documentary, 18 min. Spanish dialogue, English subtitles.

  • Direction/Script: Tora MÃ¥rtens
  • Photography: Tora MÃ¥rtens, Erik Vallsten
  • Music: Andreas Unge
  • Editing: Tora MÃ¥rtens, Joakim Tessert Ekström
  • Producer: Tora MÃ¥rtens
  • Produced by: Dramatiska Institutet

International Premiere at Berlin Filmfestival 2008, Nominated for Berlinale Shorts.


Tommy does not like talking about his age. As a young man he was a famous ballet dancer at the opera in Havana. Today he spends all his time in a house he has named after himself. Here he can do whatever he likes and he doesn’t care what the rest of the world whinks. "Love no longer exist.", says Tommy, "I trust no one."